Commercial Arbitration Case Management

Commercial Arbitration Case Management Solution

  • CACM is a web-based tool developed by Infrability on Dynamic xRM Framework that manages the entire Case journey from filing till completion and also maintain the document repository related to Case.
  • Arbitration proceedings are typically confidential, which means that the details of the dispute and the outcome are not made public which can be advantageous for businesses that wish to maintain their privacy.
  • Parties have more control over the arbitration process. They can tailor the arbitration proceedings to suit their specific needs, such as selecting the arbitrator, determining the rules of procedure, and setting the time and place of the hearings

  • Parties can choose arbitrators who have specialized knowledge and experience in the subject matter of the dispute which allows for the resolution of complex commercial issues by experts in the field.
  • Arbitration is often faster than litigation because it avoids the backlog and delays commonly associated with court proceedings.
  • Arbitration awards are generally binding and enforceable, which provides a final resolution to the dispute.

  • Scalable solution which can be further extended to Program Management, Customer Journey Management and other Marketing Activities needed by the Organizations.
  • Native integration with Microsoft technologies like Outlook, Office 365 enable users to accelerate response times, lease faster, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

Know More

Web based solution Built on Dynamic xRM Framework.
Automate and Streamline Case Lifecycle.
Includes the complete process of case filings, communicating with the parties, appointing neutrals on Case, storing the Case documents, hearing, till the issuance of the final Award.
Includes Marketing List, Campaign, Quick Campaign, designing Marketing Templates, creating Customer journeys and other features.
Includes events organized within the organization through the platforms like Webinar, Teams Meeting, Zoom Meetings, sending meetings reminders, capture customer feedback.
Helps the organization to have better communication with the customer and in maintaining good customer relationship.
Process Specific Reports and Dashboards.
Built-in Analytics.
Tasks & Activities Tracking.
Session, session track, and speaker management.
Program Management.
Provides ability for the organization to appoint neutrals, prepare Roster database and appoint them on the cases after the selection based on their expertise category and other qualification.