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Terms of Use

• Legal Information

Infrability Company owns and runs this site. Your use of this site implies your consent on the terms Infrability Terms of Use. Please read these terms carefully before you begin using this site. However, Infrability reserves the right to amend these terms, as needed, anytime it deems fit, without any prior notice.

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Infrability is always highly concerned that the data and materials provided appearing on this site are correct and integrated. Yet, the company shall accept no responsibility or liability, whatsoever, regarding any error or omission that might take place in the contents of the site. Infrability seeks continuous update of the contents, but the published information may not include latest developments. Therefore, it is vitally important to contact Infrability only to learn about the current situation.

• Security

Infrability spends all possible efforts to test and check the contents of the site throughout all the production stages. We strongly advise you, always, to run an antivirus program on all the materials to be downloaded from the site. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss, interruption or damage that may occur to your data or your computer; which may take place during accessing this site, or during the use of a material from this site. In this concern, the users are strictly prohibited from violating, or otherwise attempt violating the security of this site.

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• Downloaded Content

Some of our Services enable you to download Content to a mobile device, personal computer, personal digital assistant or other access device; provided that: You are responsible for adjusting the personal settings of your access device to ensure that you receive the Content that you have selected. By registering for Services you confirm that your access device can support downloading the relevant Content. We shall not be held responsible should you attempt to download Content onto an incompatible access device and you will be charged regardless.