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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Resources

If you are implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, or if you are already using the product, we are here to help you reduce licensing complexity, and make sure that you only pay for what your users need.

If your organisation is licensed with Dynamics 365 Online, we'll quickly confirm the correct licence types for each user by reviewing their usage of the system. Our tool will check usage for each person across any Dynamics 365 CRM environment. We'll present a report with our findings to confirm which licence each user should be equipped with. This will help you identify and fix any non-compliant licensing issues and reduce costs if some users are licensed with more capabilities than they need.

Great support For All Customers

  • Confused by Dynamics 365 licensing?

    Gain clarity across licences for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps and team member licences.

  • Worried you might overpay for licences?

    Speak to our licensing experts to ensure your users are correctly licensed for only what they need.

  • Looking for answers on licence user rights?

    Download our licence comparison to check capabilities, functions & services at a glance.