Support Services

How & Why

Account Management by an assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) to build and maintain technical relationships with customers, key management and support staff to ensure each element of the support meets customers business requirements. Prompt Services to help prevent problems and increase system availability.

Information Services to equip staff with the latest knowledge on how to enhance their in house support capabilities. Technical Support providing 24/7 incident resolution, including the provision of onsite experienced Infrability support engineers for the rapid resolution of complex problems based on the support program.

Infrability Support Services incident notification methods:
  • 1) Electronic Incident Submission
  • 2) Hotline Support Telephone
As part of this service, our target is to provide Customer Satisfaction, Quality service and Instant Response. Excellence in customer support and customer satisfaction is one of Infrability’s highest priorities. Infrability technical support team is knowledgeable and well versed in ‘real world business environments’ it is equipped with significant training and certification in our core lines of business.

Our professionals are committed to providing the highest level of technical “on-the-job training” and knowledge transfer in addition to onsite technical assistance, post go live Support and Operations.

Benefits of Support Services

Reduced overhead expenses
Increased optimization
Revenue generation
Increased customer satisfaction
Improve Efficiency
Improve Visibility into Operations
Improve Visibility into Performance
Better Service and Customer Experience
Reduce Unnecessary Workload
Enables More Effective Planning
Saves the Business Time

Infrability Support Program